Why Women Don’t Leave Comments Online?

The latest way of communication at our fingertips today is the internet. You get each and every required information through internet. At the same time it also helps to exchange views with those possessing similar interests. The internet has brought the world closer and today you can find news related to almost every field like fashion, science, politics etc.

Yet internet can be appalling too. Not always, though, few things about the internet can bring out the worst in you. Especially the comments sections and this might be considered as one of those reasons for women doesn’t leave comments online.

As per Emma Pierson, a statistician at 23and Me says that there are 1 million comments made on the New York Times and only 25% of comments were made by women, even though  44% of New York Times readers are female.

Other reasons that contribute to the fact, “Why women don’t leave comments online?” are discussed below:-

women comment online

#1. Fear of Revealing Identity– Revealing a woman’s real identity on any website might lead authorities to take action and tap activist’s door. And so to play it safe women refrain from sharing their identities on the internet. Also others might even use any hateful language that proves to be offensive and provokes individual’s emotions.

#2. Thought of Gender Inequality– Gender inequality still remains the point of discussion before the world. And this is somewhere responsible for making a home in the minds of women who find themselves not much comfortable to provide testimonials online. This gender inequality may also bring out the fear inside women to land into an unnecessary debate.

#3. Fear of Online Abuse– One of the reasons of this continuous violent threat and torments that women face now-a-days is due their participation in the comment section. Any kind of assault on a woman’s career is a stigma on her life. Women thus find it difficult to be a part of the group discussions and topics so that they aren’t a part of the internet harassment.

#4. Fear of Getting Sued– Although some people are against the fact that any kind of online distress to members in the online community is just it shouldn’t put you in any custody. Women feel that with social media they do not have any protected space. For understanding this concept a better example can be that two people in a room, making remarks against each other won’t be arrested, but if they do this over the email they could be. Yup! The law covers all electronic communication systems too.

Finally, women find it safe to stay away from all the subjective attacks on the internet. Henceforth, women stay safe from people whom they haven’t met before and won’t meet in future too. These are some of the basic reasons why women don’t leave comments online?

So far, studies could find this, but we would say women feedback are always needed.

As per one of the NY times blog women face a double kind of an issue. While women speak up experimentally, they may be anticipated as less capable, on the other hand if they talk confidently they can be considered as full of aggression. This is the reason why women prefer to stay silent on dubious issues.

According to the quartz website, women showed majority by commenting on number of blogs like the Motherlode Blog, the New Old Age Blog, the Diner’s Journal Blog, column on the wedding section.

If we refer to the consumer survey from Google leads on Yelp, 30% of women over men rated online reviews as an essential factor on which their buying decision depends. Analysis shows probably more than 50% of men did not go through the online reviews compared to women. So this shows that most women arrive to conclusions, once they go through these online reviews. We come to see how essential women feedback is at this point of time. Why not encourage women to leave more comments online as this helps to spread awareness amongst them as they come out to be more liberal.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the view against any studies.

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