Top 6 Must Download Apps for College Students

With digitization already touching base with almost every sector in India, the education sector is no exception. This time, however, it is not just the system we are talking about but, the actual users of this dynamic education system – College Students.

College life can be fun, but at the same time be hectic with endless projects, manuals, deadlines and tight expenses to meet! To make life easier and more manageable for students, here are top 6 must download apps using FREE models:

Top 6 Must Download Apps for College Students – One of the best apps for keeping students organized, this excellent student planner syncs across multiple devices. With paper planners already part of history, this app helps students access assignments and classes anywhere and anytime. All you need to do is to save your assignment schedule and simply set deadlines and reminders for them. – Often times while researching on a topic, you come across links that you feel may be helpful for your assignment. However, its mostly impossible to read through all those links all at once. The Pocket can prove to be really handy at such times. Simply add these links to Pocket and you can read them anytime at your convenience later. The Pocket app can also save you from the hassle of digging into your bookmarks for that link you saved months ago. – College life is a time for unmanageable expenses for college work, parties, outings, movies and endless other things that can make you go crazy. To help you prevent your expenses from crossing the line, Toshl Finance is the perfect solution. This amazing app lets you tag your expenses so that you can easily prioritize them to prevent over-expenditure. The best thing is that the app syncs to the cloud so that you can access it across multiple devices. – Most students are in the habit of making notes during lecture. However, all-night movies and get-together during college life can make you waver from this habit. Evernote is a cross-platform app that can be a life-saver at such times. In addition to saving written notes, the app also lets you save voice and image notes that you may refer later to get the real feel of lecture.

5.Any.Do – Given the hectic life of college, it can at times be cumbersome to keep track of everything from submissions to projects, department meetings, personal errands, etc. Any.Do app saves you from missing out on any of these important works by allowing you to create folders to save these variable tasks. In addition, the app lets you plan your day and simply strike off the tasks you have already completed. – Which college student would mind enjoying easy access to over 2 million definitions, antonyms and synonyms? This extremely user-friendly and fast app by will definitely save you from the time and effort of browsing through physical dictionaries.

So, make the most of these interesting apps to organize your college life and make it the most memorable phase of your life!!

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