Read, Review and Shop to Bring The Change in Market

Online_ShoppingGone are the times when we had to spend anywhere between Rs.45-60 for one hour of internet access at the net cafes. Today, the convenience of Wi-Fi has opened the gates for instant internet access anywhere anytime.

This flexible, mobile and cost-effective internet access along with the emergence of endless social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, etc. has greatly refined the way people react, especially the youth of the country. The most noticeable change brought about by internet & these social media platforms is the purchasing behaviour of people. Today’s buyer is much more informed and satisfied about their buying decision. Thanks to the endless social networking and review sites that have provided customers with an easy platform to share and write reviews about their buying experiences, influencing the buying decisions of millions of other customers worldwide.

Studies indicate that there are a good over 82 million active users of Facebook in India alone. These stats backed by the fact that a majority of the youth today owns smartphones allowing enormous information to be accessed, reviewed and shared with just the click of a button, attribute for the accelerating success graph of online shopping giants like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal.

r2r-blog-logoThis also stands as a major challenge for shopping sites since the buying decision of youth is influenced more by peer approval and less by brand loyalty. So if there are 10 friends satisfied about buying from a particular brand, chances are more that the whole circle of 20 friends would soon become the voice of the brand. The brand in turn not just earns 20 loyal customers but also 20 mouths to brag about its brand and people it could easily approach for reviews and feedbacks.

Thus, given the significant role and influence that today’s youth can have on the purchasing behaviour of others; it’s important that the youth aims towards a significant paradigm shift by becoming an informed voice for brands that can contribute to this change and for online shoppers who can benefit from the change.

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