Do You Read Reviews? Can You Spot Fake Online Reviews?

fake vs genuine reviews
Can You Spot Fake Reviews???

If we are to follow the statistics, then nearly 92% of the consumers have been found to read reviews before using the products or services of any business, especially if it’s a new business. However, out of this astonishing percentage of consumers, there is only a minor percentage that can actually distinguish between genuine and fake customer reviews.

To help this minor percentage become more aware and alert about reviews, here are few important things that can help spot the fake reviews:

Reviews that are Too Good to be True – One major and common problem faced by most review platforms are fake reviews. Since reviews can greatly influence buying decisions, as a consumer, it is extremely essential that you have the ability to differentiate between a fake and genuine review. Few simple tips that can help you spot the fake reviews include:

  • Generalised reviews that are too short to be genuine
  • Too many good reviews and the absence of a single negative review
  • Spelling mistakes or poor grammar used in reviews
  • Too many reviews posted on same date

Business Managed Reviews

There are several review platforms that provide businesses the ability to remove any negative feedbacks and choose to display only the positive feedbacks to maintain their reputation. Most businesses do this simply to maintain their reputation. However, the negative side of doing this is that, consumers who are unable to differentiate between genuine businesses earning reviews through years of service and ones doing unfair business, are often at a loss and can easily get misled. For this reason, it is extremely important that you get a complete understanding of the business model of the review site before you can start trusting it.

Send Personal Message to Reviewers

The best way to check the authenticity of reviews is to send personal message to reviewers or participate in the Q&A section of the review site. Often times you may find other reviewers sharing similar experiences like yours. At such times, a personal message sent to the reviewer can confirm his authenticity and also help in resolving your own issues and queries. You may also choose to message some random reviewers to confirm if the reviews and reviewers are genuine.

Check Business Responses

Yet another important factor that can help you distinguish between the real and fake reviews is checking business response to reviews, especially to bad reviews. A professional, reasonable and timely response to a bad review is often a sign that the business and reviews are genuine. On the other hand, a delayed and carelessly written response is a clear indication that the business as well as the long list of positive reviews generated by it is absolutely fake and cannot be trusted.

In short, while reading reviews and trying to distinguish between the real and fake can be a tricky job, the above mentioned factors can prove extremely helpful in making consumers smart shoppers and smart reviewers!!

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