Is It Illegal to Punish Customers who Criticize Businesses Online?

While going through e-commerce websites you shall find posters that give out negative impact over its audience catching their attention. Negative comments are not at all welcome while you are in any online business. It is certainly tough for you as an owner of a business to handle negative comments on social media. This is shatter your business in the market that you have for ages. That’s the reason why people feel that critics should be penalized.
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But as of today it is illegal to punish customers who criticize businesses online, according to the latest survey. A law safeguarding the right of US consumers so that they can post online reviews irrespective of their negative comments can be posted without any fear. Companies cannot take revenge against consumers posting a negative remark for certain firms. Also the bipartisan Consumer Review Fairness Act was passed in agreement in the US assembly yesterday, as per the announcement made by the Senate Commerce Committee. The bill was already introduced in the year 2014 and later on approved by the House of Representatives. Expecting the approval of the same from the president.

Most of them are happy for the reason that at least “honest” negative reviews will be appreciated. This decision has been made to put an end to heinous behavior done by companies on their consumers, for their consumers trying to be loyal enough. Not only this, as per the Consumer Review Freedom Act companies will have to pay a penalty of $10,000 if they happen to violate this bill. Once signed by Obama, this law is applicable throughout the nation.

It is often seen that firms have attacked those who have quoted any negative remarks about products online. For example a supplement maker threatened consumers that gave negative feedback on in last July. In Arizona a woman was sued against posting negative comments on social sites more and more stories of people being sued for their reviews.

“Put it right” is something we all as consumer have been hearing since long. Anxiety among most of the people is common for law can be used against them if they put any unfavorable comment against any kind of product. It is that every American has equal right to express their views and share their experiences.

Putting a review on the internet is making consumers know about the quality of work/ service given by certain online firm. The online business firms should try not to give any chance to consumers for putting up a negative comment against them. For fans always need a timely feedback of the brands they follow.

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