How Important are Customer Reviews for Travel Sites?

Given the ever changing dynamics of the travel industry, it is important for travel websites to keep up with the pace and customer expectations. The best way to ensure that your travel website performs on par with the needs of the customer, is to allow customer reviews.

How Important are Customer Reviews for Travel Sites

For those who are still skeptical about the importance of customer reviews for a travel website, here is some light on this Big Question!

Reviews can drive social media traffic to your website

Travel companies that are active on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and receive higher traffic back to their website than others. In fact, studies indicate that one good review is capable of driving up to 2.5 times of the traffic to a website every month. Thus, consistent interaction with your target audience on the social media can trigger a heavy traffic flow for your travel website.

Customer reviews are equally powerful as price

When it comes to booking a ticket online, the reviews of customers prove as influential as the price of ticket and discounts. A fair priced train/flight/rental service with no recommendations is likely to get less conversions than a costly service with ample number of customer reviews and recommendations.

Experts believe that for nearly 29% of travelers, positive reviews are a greater tempting factor for them to make a booking online. Thus, instead of reducing prices of services, travel sites need to focus more on generating customer reviews.

Customers need insights from real people

Regardless of what the travel company’s marketing figures state, what customers want is believable insights from real people. Almost 40% – 50% of consumers are in the habit of reading company reviews over forums, magazines, social media sites, price comparison sites, etc. People are more interested in reading about actual booking and travelling experiences rather than fabricated information and statistics from the company. By allowing customers to review their experiences, travel companies can generate some genuine brand ambassadors.

Reviews can boost sales

Statistics suggest that companies that have embraced customer recommendations and reviews as part of their business functioning, have witnessed increased sales. In fact, reviews can have a significant impact on the volume of bookings and ensure a considerable number of repeat customers for the company.

Negative reviews can have a positive impact

An experience that may seem negative to one customer may not necessarily be negative for the other customer. For example – a hotel that is not dog friendly can come as a negative experience for a dog owner but may be a positive thing for an animal-fearing customer.
Thus, negative reviews may not necessarily be a bad thing for the sales of a travel company. The trick lies in making the most of these reviews and in making them sound relevant to the individual needs of customers.

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