How to Manage Negative Customer Experience on Social Media?

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Manage Negative Customer Experience on Social Media
A single unhappy customer in the physical world can lead to 6 unhappy customers but a single unhappy customer in the online world can create 6,000 negative perceptions.

Companies have a tough job in hand when it comes to managing their reputation on the social media. While social media can play a significant role in creating a brand identity for companies, this same platform can give nightmares with one negative customer experience.

There was a time when customers where resistant to give negative feedback because of the time and energy consuming process. Not anymore though. The introduction of various social media platforms has provided customers the opportunity to easily voice their opinions and perceptions. Not just are these opinions getting voiced but also getting shared by millions, bringing in serious repercussions for the reputation of company.

While managing negative customer experiences on social media can be an uphill task for companies, the solution lies in providing consistent customer service. If at all these negative experiences do hit the social platform, it is safest to respond to them as soon as they surface. Most often these negative reviews are in the form of how the customer felt instead of the real issue. At such times, it becomes important for companies to focus on the feelings and words expressed by customer and respond accordingly in order to regain customer trust.

It is necessary to respond to feedback on social media directly through the same channel so that you grab as much attention as the negative feedback. Here are few ways you can respond to feedback on social media and use them to your advantage:

Take care to address the issue while at the same time providing solution to the issue. Try to convince your customer that you will set things right and ensure a happy experience in future. This sort of systematic approach will also help you change the perspective of thousands of other unrelated customers who may be following the issue closely.

Use negative feedback to your business advantage by asking customers for ways that can improve their experience. This will give customers an impression of being in total control of situation and increase their willingness to share views and feedback. Continuing this sort of conversation on social media will help you project a positive perspective to a larger audience.

Yet another great way is to offer your customers with surprises like bonus and discounts. A happy customer has greater probability of using the wider social media platform to praise your services. This will indirectly help create brand ambassadors for your company who can help manage the negative customer perception in future if the need arises.

In short, the popularity of your brand largely depends on how customers perceive and promote your services. It thus becomes your responsibility to ensure that you serve your customers in the best possible way to keep them happy and loyal. Negative experiences come as part of the business process. The trick is to handle them immediately to let your customers know that you value them.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog. You should try to promote this blog as much as possible so that vendors become more sensitive towards the kind of impact that one negative customer experience can create. At least this would instigate them to improvise their customer service.

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