7 Secrets To Great Online Reviews

“The whole purpose of reviews is to keep you abreast of whether or not you are fulfilling the requirements of tenure” – Norman Finkelstein

The foundation of a building has to be strong if you keep on planning for stacking up the floors.So same goes for a company too.The foundation of a company has to be strong to keep it afloat even in crisis.By foundation we meant the stuffs a company is build upon.Among this customer reviews is of atmost importance.The reviews acts as a promotion of your business or company indirectly.If the reviews are great there’s no doubt you’ll reach the heights in no time.Proper handling of both positive and negative reviews are mandatory too.A company’s rating depends on how they properly manage the customers.The big names in the market already have their own dept for handling the online prejudice of the company. According to a survey in the year 2015-2016, it has been found that 70% of the customers believe in online reviews regardless they are complete strangers.This online peer to peer review helps both the customers and the company to understand the products they require and what are the changes that are need to be done.When an infinite number of reviewers can share their opinions online,the extend for exposure becomes exponential.Most of the firms think that online reviews aren’t a part of the business.So they fail at getting more attention and remain stagnant from the point they started.

The best way for getting regardless of positive or negative feedback is by directly asking the audience.Asking for a review means you are expecting a positive review.Some might give reviews either positive or negative without even prompting.Demanding people to spend their time to write a review can be tricky,if not asked properly it might even backfire on you.Always asking for reviews are also not necessary.By no means you should irritate the customers or audience.Responding to each and every review can also help in creating a good impression on your company.There are a few tips and tricks for getting positive online reviews.

Here are the 7 Secrets To Great Online Reviews that can help in boosting your business!!!

  • Keep it Simple

Never give your customers a hard time in giving you a feedback.Keep it simple. I’ve come across a few sites where they ask us to login to their site and give a feedback.From my view, this is too shitty.Number of reviews increases if the it is as easy as possible for the customers to share their experience or views about your product.Invite them to write a review for you.Don’t prompt them gradually.Be direct with your request or invite.It would be more easier if you guide the customers how to and where to leave a review.

  • Multiple Review Profiles

Creating multiple for your business can really do the work for getting loads of positive reviews.Social media pages can be the best pick for this.This pops up the door to recognition and will help in the gradual increase the business for your company.Facebook,Twitter,Instagram and other platforms are the best picks to encourage your customers or others to like your product and get involved more.Customers who see how other reviewers are treated can end up being your vital reviewer.Make sure you spotlight the reviewer by tagging him or her on your promo video or other promotion stuffs.This makes them feel special and may also encourage other to follow your pages and write up the reviews.

  • Respond to Negative Reviews

Don’t expect everything to come, according to your way.Life’s a bitch,hehe. There will definitely be negative reviews too. But act professionally. Apologize for the difficulties caused from your part.Then promise them you’ll correct them as soon as possible.Properly handling these negative reviews will pave your way for positive reviews too.Personally mailing them also works to an extend. Anything you post shows that you care for your customers and keep them as a priority above all.

  • Hide up the Negative Reviews with a Massive Amount of Positive Reviews

What if a business has a few average starts and a few good stars and another business with a huge amount of positive reviews and just a few negative reviews.I would really go for the business with the huge number of positive reviews.They have succeeded in piling up good reviews upon the bad reviews.This shows how efficient they are and how well they take this seriously. Gaining a hulk size of positive reviews are no a easy task.So since you cannot stop customers from writing negative reviews, you can bury them within the abundant number of positive reviews.

  • Good Services

Finding shortcuts will never help you always.So the best and basic factor for gaining good positive review is a good service itself.The more serious you are for your business the more positive reviews you get.These both are proportional. If your’s is a Telemarketing business them main aim should be the proper delivery of the product.Value the time and try your maximum to deliver within the estimated time proposed.Always answering the phone also comes under the good service.This would atleast keep the customers from thinking they got cheated.Make them feel you are trustworthy.Encourage them to shop from you more.

  • Treat them as a Friend

Treat your customers as a friend.Make them believe that you are there for them.Other than just selling them your products tell them something interesting about your company or invite them to join you on any social events that takes place recently.Ask them how was the experience shopping with you.Always start by wishing them.This will lead to a more informal way of communication.Listen to what they have to say.Once you find out they are done thank them for sharing their view.And always end the conversation asking whether they have any other queries and wish them a good day ahead.”A Smile Costs Nothing,But Gives Much”.

  • Make Sure You Have a Mobile Version for Feedback

As per the survey we found out that 80% of the customers use mobile for reviewing.So having a mobile version of the feedback form is a vital necessity. Having a mobile version of your website and social media pages and business pages can really come in handy.The more compact you can make, the more result you get.Mobile is considered as the new face of SEO marketing.Exclusive offers for mobile version of your company can also boost up the business.Adding a review plugin onto your app can solve this.

These are just a glimpse of the techniques that are used to get positive reviews.The final and ultimate tip is working hard and getting the results in Flying Colors. Properly utilizing the online review websites will help both the customers and companies in building up their business.Make sure you check them up and pass honest reviews.

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