Better Products or Better Customer Services?

product and customer service
                                   Better Product vs Better Customer Service

India being a new market for innovative and stylish products is flooded with online companies. There are so many new start-ups advertising with Hot Bollywood stars appealing to buy either new products or our regular products in a new packaging. However, every add on the television, newspaper or social media is focused only on selling these products but none promotes the customer service associated with each of these products/brands. Nobody promotes that customer satisfaction is their priority.

Running a business involves a lot of risk calculation which includes a good amount of planning. This planning in turn involves great deal of expertise including financial, advertising, cost management, etc. but a plan for handling customer relations is something that can hardly be seen. Forget about business professionalism and work ethics, they are not even able to fulfill the basic customer service that a customer mostly needs after purchasing a product, especially at an e-commerce business.

Not all companies fall in the category of lacking customer service. There are companies making genuine efforts in providing good customer care but the question arises, “Is it sufficient enough?” A major issue with customer care of most businesses is that, the agents are not at all well trained with respect to communication, professionalism, understanding of their basic products and services and work ethics.

r2r-blog-logoSo, the question arises – Where are we really heading? Are we satisfied with only buying new innovative products or are we looking for a long term relationship with companies developing these products? Is it really that difficult to train and provide good customer care especially after purchase of a product/service? Don’t the companies while developing a business plan, develop a structure for handling customer relations? What appeals to us more – a big company advertising with big celebrities or a company which provides good customer relations and the services speak for itself in a million dollar way? Million dollars in advertisements or million dollars in customer relations?

Give it a thought and raise a voice so that businesses understand that a customer not only needs products but also a good customer service. This holds especially true for the ecommerce businesses where there is always a risk involved with buying the product, since there is no way you can directly get in touch with the merchant or get an actual feel of the product or a hands-on experience of how the product works. Interestingly, this system is a success in so many countries just because they keep customer satisfaction as their priority. Will India be able to provide us with the same standard?

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