Tips for Improving Life of Your Commonly Used Household Appliances

Increase Life of Home Appliance
Extend Life Of Home Appliances

A small carelessness on your part can often result into permanent damage of your valuable home appliances. Here are few interesting, quick and easy tips that can help you extend the life of your home appliances.

Steam Iron:  We should always use ‘Filtered Water’ while using the household steam iron for ironing your clothes, as the regular tap water and well water is hard enough to cause salt build ups, which can block the pores of the steam iron and also cause slow damage to the iron.

Built In Oven: Always avoid using the abrasive powders and abrasive sponges to clean the interior surface of the oven, as it can damage the enamel coating on the interior surface of the oven. Instead, in order to prolong the life of your oven, its interior should be cleaned with damp cloth as soon as the cooking is done and oven is still warm, so that it is easier to remove the build-up.

Food Processor: Never overfill the processor to avoid burning of the motor. Also, while using the processor, use small cycles and take a break every few minutes to avoid overheating of the motor.

Refrigerator: Foods should not be placed too close in front of the vents located at the rear of the appliance, as it can obstruct the air circulation in the refrigerator. Also, make sure the air holes are not blocked especially with the plastic bags; otherwise your refrigerator can be overcooled.

r2r-blog-logoWashing Machine: Due to the presence of hard water, descalant should be used periodically to improve the life of heater and drum. Only non-corrosive descalant should be used. They can be used with a tub clean cycle if present. Also, filter should be cleaned periodically to increase the life of the drain pump. Tub Clean cycle should be run once in a while within a gap of 45-60 days to keep the machine clean and odour free.

Toaster: Breads that have been spread with butter, jam honey etc. should never be put in the toaster as when these substances heat, they melt and cover the heating coils. Due to this, the thermostatic coils are damaged and they become less heat sensitive and next time when bread slices are put, they tend to overheat and burn your bread slice. Trying to clean up the cold mess can further damage the coil.

Microwave: The most important gadget in today’s living and a must in every household, your microwave should be cleaned regularly with non-abrasive agents otherwise it can adversely affect the condition of appliance. To clean the inside of the microwave, keep a bowl of lemon water and run the microwave for 30 sec and then wipe the interior of it. The lemon water will not only clean your microwave but will also remove any odours present from the food.

Dishwashers: Make sure when the dishes are loaded, they are rinsed first and are free of any leftover food otherwise the food will get clogged and reduce the efficiency of dishwashers. Also, sharp objects should be placed upside down so that they do not tear the rubber seal on the door and do not cause any injury while unloading.

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