10 OMG Facts about Indian Ecommerce – Which One Did You Like?

OMG Facts about Ecommerce
Ecommerce Facts You Never Knew

The multi-billion-dollar ecommerce industry has today become a significant part of our everyday lives and cultures. In fact, ecommerce giants like Ebay and Amazon have become more of a household name for buying anything and everything that you need.

Representing such a significant part of the online world, it would be interesting enough to know the history and few interesting less-known facts associated with the ecommerce industry:

Well, to begin with, online shopping was invented by Michael Aldrich way back in 1979 simply by connecting a phone line with a modified television.

Fact #1: Although one of the most famous ecommerce companies “Amazon” was launched way back in the year 1995, it was not until 2003 that the company made its first yearly profit.

Fact #2: While France is considered amongst the slowest growing ecommerce markets in the world, the one nation to be at the top of the list of fastest growing ecommerce markets is INDIA!!

Fact #3: One of the first major ecommerce brands to start experimenting with online commerce was “Pizza Hut” that started it way back in 1994 and has today emerged as an ecommerce giant.

Fact #4: An online shopper visits an average of 3 different online websites before finally making a purchase.

Fact #5: Of the 9 major and most popular sectors of shopping, the one to become the fastest growing sector is “Apparel and Accessories”.

r2r-blog-logoFact #6: While 50% of the online population is estimated to have made an online purchase more than once, almost 80% of this population is stated to have made the purchase using the internet.

Fact #7: One of the major reasons for most number of online shoppers to abandon their shopping carts almost 26% of the times is – Forced Account Registration.

Fact #8: More than 46% of online shoppers depend on various Social Media Sites for their purchase decisions.

Fact #9: Breaking the strong belief that ecommerce giants like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal are the real market leaders, it is actually the Online Travel Accounts that are responsible for more than 71% of ecommerce revenue in India.

Fact #10: Three major ecommerce sectors that are estimated to experience maximum sale in India in the next 6 months include – Airline Ticket/Reservations, Books and Electronic Equipment like camera, television, etc.

Fact #11: Customer reviews and opinions play a significant role in the purchasing decision of Indians.

Fact #12: Last but definitely not the least, four out of every ten Indians are likely to review, share or tweet about a negative shopping or service experience than they are expected to do for a positive experience.

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