Buying Houses and Real Estate Property Online – A Growing Fad or A Necessity in India

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Investing in Property Online – A Growing Trend

As India’s rapidly growing army of Internet users begins to embrace ecommerce, the day is not far when our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Modi’s dream to provide a house to every family by the year 2022, will come true.

With the scale and success of ecommerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart growing by leaps and bounds, one can say for sure that today’s Indian customer is comfortable doing transactions over the internet. This increasing convenience and trust level of customers has opened the gates for several businesses big and small to climb the ecommerce bandwagon.

While businesses like fashion, clothing, electronics, food, travel and hospitality are already doing well in the ecommerce space, there were still some sectors that continued to remain untouched by the online influence. One such major sector was Home and Real Estate. A majority of Indians even today prefer to follow the traditional way of approaching local brokers for buying a house or real estate property.

However, with the changing times, people have come to realize the benefits associated with buying a house or real estate property online. In fact, the property market in a vast country like India is estimated to be somewhere around Rs. 7.5 Lakh Crore and it would be a total waste not to make an investment in this growing market.

As shares a leading businessman of the country, “A local broker will have limited contacts and can thus provide you with only a limited choice of houses with prices that come inclusive of the brokers own share of the amount. Moreover, personal reasons may tempt him to push you into buying some property in particular.”

The online world gives you the luxury and liberty to compare the prices of houses located miles away from each other that too without you having to leave the comfort of your home. For investors, the internet is a great way to grab a holistic view of real estate properties where they can choose to invest without actually visiting the property. Most importantly, you don’t have to specially take time out from your busy schedule to pester a broker to show you the best properties within your range. By means of internet, you can do it all yourself anytime anyplace.

According to experts, the real estate in India is extremely messy and there is a strong need for advanced technology-based solutions to be implemented. As per the statistics, the Indian housing market is estimated to reach nearly Rs. 10 Lakh Crore by the year 2020 and in order to make the most of this estimated growth, it is important that more and more Indians start buying homes and real estate properties online.

If you have had any experiences buying or renting properties online, we would love to hear about it

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