5 Interesting Things that Revolutionized the Ecommerce World in 2015

2015 Ecommerce updates
Revolutionary Contributions of 2015

The past couple of years have witnessed the ecommerce world rising to newer heights, constantly enlarging its scope. The major reasons for this revolutionary growth in the ecommerce world are the ease of accessibility, ease of business and customer-centric approach. These convenience factors have opened the gates for endless businesses to climb aboard the ecommerce bandwagon.

While there are several factors that have contributed in revolutionizing the ecommerce space, five most interesting factors undoubtedly have been:

The Proliferation of Social Networking Sites

Ever since the onset of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, most of the marketing and promotion for any product or service happens only across the social media. The “Like” button has become a fate planner for many companies by giving the public in general a chance to either appreciate or criticize the business. Thus, the brand is no more what the About Us page of a company tells you but instead what people themselves discover through the various social media channels.

Virtual Feel and Touch

Not long before, there was a strong belief that apparel and fashion stores did not have much future in ecommerce since there was no way customer could feel or touch the product. However, with the changing times, the jinx has been broken with increasing number of customers willing to buy such stuff online. In addition, the technological advancement has given way to innovative tools allowing customers to literally visualize how he/she will look when using the particular product.

Mobile Wallets

The cash-on-delivery payment system is a matter of history now. The past couple of months have witnessed a drastic change in the payment system with the increasing awareness about mobile wallets. This in turn has triggered the ability of customers to do impulsive shopping that has influenced the overall ecommerce world.

Introduction of M-Commerce

Not long before, people where trying to get accustomed to ecommerce and suddenly there is an emerging rage for mobile-commerce (m-commerce). This major paradigm shift is a result of the proliferation of mobile devices that has literally forced companies to optimize both web-based and mobile-based service channels in order to survive in the long run.

Customer Involvement & Empowerment

The increasing technological advancement has placed the power right in the hands of customers such that, they are constantly looking for more. So, whether it is about selecting the seat of your choice right before your flight or tracking the delivery of your parcel at every possible point, customization of services has given way to more customer involvement and empowerment.

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