Janus – Blurring the Lines Between Online & Offline Shopping

OmniChannel Retail Channel – Janus

Well as they say… there is a second side to every coin!!

So, while there are endless companies for whom after-sale customer service takes a backseat, there are also online market leaders like Snapdeal, who have made appreciable efforts to blur the gap between online and offline shopping.

A common issue faced by most online shoppers of ecommerce goods like electronics, phones, etc. is the lack of value added services like installation and demonstration. While you are happy and excited about shopping online for your favourite stuff, the moment you start struggling with its installation and activation… your excitement is killed!! Though most products are accompanied by a manual or guide, bookish knowledge is not always as useful & effective as a practical walk-through can be.

With its launch of “Janus” an omni-channel platform integrating online and offline retail channels, Snapdeal aims to fill in this gap, by committing to provide its valuable customers with a seamless shopping experience not just online but also after purchase. As part of their purchase, Janus will allow customers to enjoy expert and value added services like product installation, demonstration and activation by trained TMS agents. Adding up to customer convenience, Janus will also allow customers to get their purchase picked or delivered from the nearest TMS store within just 2 hours of placing their order. Isn’t that exactly what we have been looking forward to all these years while we were shopping online??

r2r-blog-logoThe first of its kind online marketplace to launch this sort of an integrated omni-channel platform, Snapdeal’s only aim is to provide customers a delightful & intuitive shopping experience, through the combined benefits of online & offline shopping. As per the plans of the company, the very first category to go live on Janus will be the mobile phones, since most common after-purchase services that people commonly look for include sim card resizing, installation of screen guard, data transfer, etc. The company proposes to make these value added service available in almost 70 cities across India to start with.

In short, this omni-channel platform would be an ice breaker for both brands as well as customers and will add immense value to the experience of online & offline shopping.

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