5 Powerful E-commerce Trends to Look Out For in 2016

ecommerce trends of 2016
E-Commerce Trends That Will Rock in 2016

Given today’s hyper-competitive market, there are some ice-breaking e-commerce trends that businesses need to embrace in 2016. It is speculated that businesses continuing to adhere to the usual brand-centric e-commerce practices are sure to fail in the long run.

Here are the 5 Power-Packed E-commerce Trends of 2016:

Popups Make An Impressive Comeback

While for some people popups may already be a part of history, it’s time businesses gear up to welcome them back. Unlike the stink of old annoying popup ads, the new popups are more effective and less pesky. Most popups are designed to offer quick information or service in exchange for email addresses. The best thing is that these popups rarely or never come back once the customer has signed up with the website and they can easily serve as a cost-effective email-marketing tool.

Huge Images and Videos on Homepage

In line with the popular saying that “Images Speak Louder Than Words”, several prominent businesses have adapted to using huge images or videos on their home page. These stunning images and few-minute videos are most often self-explanatory and serve as an excellent way to push secondary clutter of information on the inner pages.

Virtual Sales Staff

Virtual sales force will be the in-thing in 2016. Similar to the salespeople working in physical stores, virtual sales force will also aid businesses in customer care and service. However, unlike the customer service representatives who help once the sale has been completed, the virtual sales staff will be trained to convince customers to buy helping them make a decision.

Contextual Marketing Will Take Over

Personalization in terms of the website remembering your name or preferences is really cool but this is soon to become out-dated. Contextual marketing is the new trend in 2016 wherein you will not be required to be registered or logged in to expect relevant information or content from the site. With the help of contextual marketing, brands will be able to map the journey of a customer and understand their needs, to provide them with the exact information they are looking for. This would definitely take the hassles out of online shopping.

Actionable Analytic will Replace Traditional Analytic

The major problem with traditional analytic is that, it may take weeks for you to spot a problem or user trend on your site. As against this, real-time actionable analytic lets you see in real time the behavior of your customers, at what point they are exiting, the reason they are abandoning the cart before checkout, their expectations of your site and a lot more. This in-turn can help you provide better assistance to users encouraging them to spend fruitful time on your site.

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