Earning Customer Trust and Loyalty – The Key To Increased Online Sales

How to Win Customer Trust Online?
Tips & Tricks for Earning Customer Trust Online

One major reason people prefer to buy only from few selective brands is not just price but TRUST. With a brick & mortar store, you have the convenience and liberty to actually look, feel and smell the product to understand its quality, quantity or size and thus you easily come to trust the company. However, its not equally easy to build customer loyalty online.

In order to succeed in earning customer loyalty for your e-commerce brand, there are innumerable factors that influence the customer’s trust at various levels of the buying journey.

Initial Assessment

To start with, the look, feel and speed of your website can be few of the driving factors. The presentation of your products and customer reviews can be yet another influencing factor. In short, the initial assessment that a customer makes of your website helps him in making subconscious decisions about whether or not to buy from your brand. Thus, a well designed professional looking website can ring the right trust bells for the customer in his buying journey.

Security Assessment

Once a customer comes to trust your brand, the next step is to assess the risk factors. This typically involves concerns like how safe is it to make a purchase, how secured are their personal details and so on. A good way to assure customers that they are in secured hands is to provide them with multiple ways of contact so that they can reach you at any point of time. In addition, ensuring that you accept most trusted payment methods like PayPal and credit cards can speak of your trustworthiness.

Social Popularity

Its not just great web design and web security that can help you achieve stellar customer impressions. In order to push your customers right to the end of the buying journey, it is equally important to provide them with a social proof of your trustworthiness. This is where customer reviews and recommendations can play a crucial role. Most shoppers are in the habit of referring customer opinions before making a purchase. Thus, make sure to show-off your testimonials and customer reviews in order to encourage trust building.

Customer to Brand Advocates

The buying journey doesn’t end with the purchasing of the product. It is also important that your customers become the voice of your brand to bring in more shoppers for you. As they say, first impression is the last impression, if you can ensure a satisfying first time buying experience for your customers, you have the battle half won.

Thus, although its not a child’s play to earn customer trust and loyalty online, with some strategized efforts and patience you can easily do so.

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