Hiring In Indian E-commerce Sector to Grow by Leaps and Bounds

With e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and others planning aggressive business expansions in Indian markets, one sector that is likely to experience a huge surge in its activities is the HR sector. Studies indicate the HR activities to grow by over 30-40% within the next 2-3 years opening career gates for more than 50,000 job aspirants.

Hiring in Indian ecommerce sector

This growing number of E-commerce companies and domestic startups entering the Indian markets have created a major scope for back-office and outsourcing operations. Thus, the talent pool needs a surge to drive this growth. Though the HR activities in the past couple of years had remained dormant, it’s time for the recruitment firms to gear up now to generate support for the endless retail brands planning to enter the online bandwagon soon.

The recent acquisitions and investments in the E-commerce space like the acquisition of Myntra by largest online retailer Flipkart has forced HR managers to spend major time hiring for innovative staff, to match the pace & growth of e-commerce sector.

Industry experts believe that of all other reasons, the major driving factors behind this aggressive hiring are the introduction of digital payment platforms, viral use of social media and the proliferation of smartphones. It is for this reason that the hiring activities will continue across different hierarchies right from technology-driven digital marketing professionals to sales and delivery staff.

The ones to be most benefited by these aggressive hiring activities in the E-commerce sector are the business schools, management institutes and engineering colleges. Since most e-commerce companies are in need of fresh, young and innovative talent for entry level positions, recruiters are mostly counting on campus selections, creating a golden opportunity for students to kick-start their career.

Well, this in no way means that the experienced professionals should settle down for their current profiles. E-commerce companies are also in great need of experienced lateral talent to head the dynamic logistics and marketing sections of their business. In fact, this is the best time for top executives to enjoy some attractive remunerations and compensation packages.

So, its going to be a real busy time for the recruiters in India!

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