Chennai Rains Creating Havoc – Spread The Word of Safety!

Chennai Floods Rescue Operations
Doing Wonders in Chennai Rescue Operations

Life in Chennai becomes crippled as torrential rains continue to submerge the homes, rail tracks, roads and runways of Chennai. So, now it’s no more just the rescue personnel who are lending a helping hand but even the locals of Chennai have started making unprecedented efforts to reach out to those in need in any way they could – Food, Accommodation, Money.

The most commendable efforts came in when Social Media rose to a full swing with sites like Watsapp and Facebook helping distressed people and their worried loved ones cope up with the devastation. Facebook activated its “Safety Check Tool” allowing people to mark themselves safe when all other conventional modes of communication failed to work.

Not to be left behind where trend setters like Ola who went ahead to offer service like Olaboats rowing in the waterlogged areas of Chennai, equipped with food and drink. Also to pitch in for the cause was the restaurant-finder Zomato providing customized offer “Meal for Flood Relief” for the stranded people, wherein if you order meal for people in Chennai, Zomato will automatically add a second meal at an economic price.

Right2Review Salutes Your Efforts Guys!!

Well, though life in Chennai seems to be returning to normalcy power cuts continue only to prevent already distressed people from accidental electrocutions. Thus, in order to help worried relatives in various parts of the country to get in touch with their loved ones in inaccessible areas of the submerged city, there is a dedicated team of volunteers including karate and archery students with charged mobiles working day and night in different parts of Chennai, helping people in distress fight out the rough times and stay connected!

Here is an updated List of Volunteers you may call for the latest updates.

Shihan Hussaini (Director Pro-Rescue) – 9841618386

Balaji (Nanganallur) – 9944941975

Mohan (Gopalapuram) – 9884437370

Srita (Nugambakam) – 9789084083

Vamal (Raj Avadi) – 9176581765

Anwar (Tambaram) – 9994094778

Mohan (Adyar) – 9600910102

Abdul (Redhills) – 9566135998

Heamenth (Preambur) – 8939459336

Mohit (Perambur) – 9962253302

Hari (Nugambakam) – 9840150202

Karthick – 9841001082

Tamil Selvan (Red Hills) – 9789478496

Karthick (Kilpauk) – 9003134448

Abdul (Redhills) – 9566135998

Vinay (Kilpauk) – 9840150196

Amanjikarai – 7299462678

Rahul (Kilpauk) – 9884646428

Payal (Kilpauk) – 9840821404

Sriram (Nugambakam) – 9940621995

Govardhan (Arumbakkam) – 9952791793

Sudharshan (Anna Nagar) – 9940253959

Niranjan (Nanganallur) – 9994446694

r2r-blog-logoHelplines for Boat Services:

Ola Boats: 7708068600

And for Ola Cabs: 04428294121

NTL Boat helpline: 7708068600

Helpline Numbers for Boat Services in Specific Areas:

Royapuram: 9445190005

TVK Nagar: 9445190006

Ambattur: 9445190007

Anna Nagar: 9445190008

So, make the most of these helpline numbers to extend your help in any way you can. Chennai Needs You!!


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