Top 3 Interesting Facts About Right2Review

Review websites nowadays aren’t rare to see.It has emerged as business in the last few years.Some arise as the best while others remain incognito.We all know the uniqueness of Right2Review. It has been sticking on our most visited tabs for quite a long time. Let’s look at the top interesting facts about Right2Review.


#1. Both For Consumer and Merchant:
Even though the company is new,the UI and it’s uniqueness makes it a trustworthy website.
Apart from the other websites this particular platform has multiple personality. The customers and the merchants or clients equally enjoy the broadness of using this website.Covering more than 100 companies and over 5k customers Right2Review copes up with the other big names in such a short period.So this made this the best review-driven online platform which aims at bringing companies and customers at a single space to improve the relations and bonds.

#2. Helps to Improve Online Shopping Experience
For customers Right2Review shows up the opportunity to voice in their opinions regardless of its nature and their favorites and non favorites. This helps them and others to improve their online shopping experience to take smarter decisions when it comes to products or services.For the merchants this platform opened a new world of marketing.With the reviews provided by customers companies now knew how to deal with them without making them explosive.They also have the chance to know the market trend and the product range.Now it has made possible for the companies to know their faults with the product they released and cover them up with the next batch or the next product.

#3. Transparency
Another thing that sticks out is the transparency. They have succeeded in creating a clean and vibrant UI where transparency has been kept at top priority to everything else.Customers has been given the full privilege to alter their review.But merchants are not allowed to delete a review given by the customer.These reviews can be viewed by anyone who is using the website regardless he/she is a member or not.No company is allowed to lure customers to write only positive reviews by promising any discounts or gift cards.The reviews you post won’t be in vain but they have given a time limit of 48 hrs to refresh their servers.You must also note that no action will be taken against a customer who has posted his review.Neither the merchant or other customers has the right to take action against the early reviewer.The Right2Review team strictly go through the comments to make sure that there are no actions taken against reviewers.

Now you understand why you still keep clinging on to our website.You are just special as other 5k members with us.Your review or feedback may contain the necessities for other viewers in deciding a product or service for their need.Customer and merchant satisfaction was always the primary goal of our platform. With this we fulfill our dreams through you.According to a survey, more than 80% of people believe in online reviews regardless being complete strangers.Our site has been helping people and companies making their lives much easier.Right now we are in the top lists of and this was achieved with sheer patience and hard-work and completely with your help.We are still finding ways to make you more comfortable with our UI experience and services.

Which factor makes you cling to our website ? Feel free to comment.

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