Sabinova: The Gutsy Latin American Lady with a Passion for Indian Food

Ganesh Restaurant Guatemala
Sabinova – Owner of Ganesh Indian Restaurant

Guatemala is probably the last place on earth where you would expect to find authentic Indian food. But wait!! That’s exactly what this gutsy Latin American lady from Guatemala has made possible to the utter delight of thousands of Indian food lovers across the world.

Meet Sabinova, a native Guatemalan lady and the proud owner of Ganesh Restaurant, the only Indian restaurant in Guatemala to serve a wide variety of authentic Indian food and drinks. Where most amateur restaurateurs without a professional consultant would die-out trying to set up a restaurant that serves authentic food, originating from a far off country like India, Sabinova took it upon her to set up this superb Indian restaurant named Ganesh.

Tourists mostly fly down to the beautiful island of Antigua to get a taste of native Antiguan and Caribbean cuisine. Thus, it was a great risk and no less than a challenge for Sabi to not just start up an Indian Restaurant in Antigua but also stand up to the expected authenticity of Indian food.

What inspired Sabinova to establish this Indian restaurant in Antigua were the unique flavours and essence of India, which she wanted to bring home to her own natives as well as to the endless tourists who come down all year round. What had started with a simple idea to provide diners from across the world with an authentic Indian cuisine dining experience, has today turned into a great hangout for locals & tourists alike, each craving to get a taste of pan Indian recipes and flavours.

r2r-blog-logoThere is also an interesting story that goes behind the naming of this restaurant as “Ganesh”. It was not just the flavours and essence of India that Sabi found truly inspiring, but also the way in which every new beginning and good work in India is commended to the revered Hindu Lord Ganesh. It was for this reason that Sabinova decided to commend the beginning of her own restaurant in the name of Lord Ganesh.

The one thing that pulls connoisseurs of Indian food to this homely restaurant is the fact that, the spices and ingredients used in the preparation of each and every dish on the restaurant’s menu card is especially imported from the nooks and corners of India. The Ganesh restaurant has also earned a name for its varied and vibrant use of Indian textiles and forkloric objects artistically displayed in the interiors of the restaurant.

Thus, the next time you are visiting Antigua Guatemala and are looking for a change from the typical Antiguan food, Ganesh Indian Restaurant is just the place to be!!

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