Aamir Khan Expressing His Opinion: Is it a Crime?

Aamir Khan Debacle
Aamir Khan Voices His Opinion

Suddenly there is an outrage about a person who was a star of people when he did “Satyamev Jayate”, that too just because his wife presented her opinion about how she feels. What is wrong about expressing their feelings in a democratic country!

Today I am penning down my opinion as a normal Indian Citizen. I am also a mother like Kiran and I also have my set of fears but my expression would not create that social media response as of Amir’s as I am not a Celebrity.

Everybody around is talking about Aamir making 300 crores in India from PK Movie in a Hindu dominant country, as if he should be grateful for that. They have brought it down to religion, till now he was an Indian and now suddenly he is just a Muslim.  So let’s think it this way… a Muslim making you aware about your Hindu hypocrisy. Talking about 300 crores, he never forced anybody to go and watch the movie and make it that profitable. Looking at the movie scenario, the movie script was written by a Hindu and also directed by a Hindu. He was just an actor representing the subject. So, how is he responsible for mocking Hindu Gods? (according to Taslima Nasreen).

You paid the money to entertain yourself and Aamir got paid for his well done job with may be some bonuses. Who does not get paid for good job on their work? In a way the people liked the movie and that is why it became such a big hit.

Another thought circulating in social media is about a Major of Indian Army enrolling his kids in Indian Army making him more patriotic than others. If that’s the case, then we all fall in that category. Who knows whether his kids will actually ever land in army? Are you going to follow whether he abided by his words or are they the same bigger words spoken by many in this country? Don’t get me wrong on this. I’m just presenting another perspective to the circulating thoughts, as most of us are in a habit of becoming a part of the crowd so we just see a thought and without thinking any further circulate it around. If at all the major’s kids gets into army, why don’t Indian people or government make such people real heroes and celebrities just as they have made Aamir Khan. This truly reflects your biased choice as Indian Citizens.

Yes living in India has its fair share of everyday fears; fear of women returning home safely if ever she has to work till little late at night, fear of child returning home safely from school considering the numerous cases of abduction that have occurred, returning of husband safely back home as people have no driving sense and last but not the least, fear of somebody keeping an eye on your daily routine especially when you go out for vacation, to rob down your place.

Let me ask a single person who does not have these fears. Right, Anupam Kher would be the person without these fears at least a few of them, as he is living a high profile life safeguarded by bodyguards. Can somebody ask him if he is so safe, why does he need these protections at all?

Most of these celebrities and politicians spend most of their time outside the country and then they suddenly talk about patriotism. They shop outside the country, they do vacation outside country. What do they do inside this country except for making money, mouthing big words and pointing fingers at others?

You cannot stop anyone from raising their opinion and in fact I believe in raising your voice in order to be heard. If you never even tried raising your voice and opinions then never cry for not being heard. In India it’s mostly the case, people expressing their opinions are always wrong and yet we proudly tag ourselves a Democratic Country!! Indians have an attitude of either my way or no way at all.

Every coin has two sides. This is my side of the story and let me also hear your side of the story. Rather than going after Aamir Khan, let’s raise the voice for people who made this nation unsafe.

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