Is China the Fake Capital of Earth? What is Your Take?

Fake China Apple Stores
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30 Fake Apple Stores in the Famous Southern Chinese Town of Shenzhen!!!

No Kidding…

Well, while it may come up as a surprising news for many ‘Apple’ lovers, the fact is that, China is home to almost 30 fake Apple stores thriving in various parts of the country.

As valuably shared by, an American blogger Jessica Angelson discovered several fake Apple stores in an obscure south-western Chinese city named Kunming. Believe it or not, these fake Apple stores are an exact lookalike of the real Apple store. The truth is that, Schenzen China has only one authentic apple store and 5 authorized retailers.

The most interesting thing about these fake Apple stores is that, each of them sells real Apple products. Thus, as reported by a business insider, most of the staffers working for these fake stores don’t have the slightest idea that they are working for fakesters and are under the impression that they instead work for the famous Steve Jobs!!

All that these fake stores need to do to keep them thriving is to, simply smuggle real products of Apple from mainland and then sell them at double the price to eager customers, who do not wish to wait for the products to be launched in their market. This way, customers always have an easy access to real Apple products and the fake stores have a long list of loyal customers to serve. The result…. More Than 30 Fake Apple Stores Doing Successful Business in China!!

r2r-blog-logoIn order to maintain their authenticity, these counterfeiters have gone to the level of copying even the minutest of details including Apple’s distinctive logo, their ID’s, employee T-shirts and even their distinctive staircase. It is not until you carefully scrutinize the store’s interior and other minute details that you come to distinguish between the real and fake. Just like Angelson realised the difference only when she noticed the logo of the fake Apple store (showing fruit with words) while the real logo only has the fruit logo without any words.

It is only after aggressive investigation of such details that these fake Apple stores of China came to light and have been shut down (most of them).

The only reason we thought of sharing this piece of information with you is to make you realize how as consumers it is extremely important to share information and experiences. One valuable experience, opinion or review shared on your part can help and influence several others like you across the world.

So, take a step towards knowledgeable and smart shopping and raise your voice against fake stores in order to help authentic stores thrive on.

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