Offline Bookings vs. Online Bookings Movie Ticket Bookings – Which Is Better?

Online Offline Ticket Bookings

When was the last time you were part of the long queue outside the ticket counter of a cinema hall, waiting for your turn to book advanced tickets and the adrenaline rush you felt when the “OPEN” signboard flipped to “HOUSEFULL” the moment you reached the counter?

Well, gone are the days when one could see a long line of crazy-cine lovers queuing outside the ticket counters of cinema halls with the queue stretching right across the road. With the whole game of booking movie tickets going online, current statistics show that almost 50% of the movie tickets today are booked online.

If you come to notice it, there is only a particular profile of people who still prefer to buy window tickets rather than book them online. This would particularly include senior citizens, uncles having least belief on today’s technologies and housewives wanting to get out of house for some time!! So, basically it’s the family crowd you can witness at the counters, it would be a rare sight to see the younger crowd at these ticket counters.

In short there has been a significant transition from offline movie ticket bookings to online bookings. The long queues are still there… not for advanced bookings but instead for ID verification of those coming to collect their tickets after booking them online.

As the old cinema hall owners and watchmen state it, “We really miss that Golden Era of window ticket bookings. Now there are no more crazy crowds of movie buffs trying to get a ticket by breaking through the queues and barriers. Nothing can replace the kind of happiness we felt at seeing the multiple queues lined at the booking windows. The long line of eagerly waiting cine-lovers was a clear indication that the movie was already a Big Hit!!

r2r-blog-logoFew major factors that have contributed in this significant shift from offline booking to online booking include – time efficiency, convenience of choosing different payment modes like debit card, credit card, net banking and the deals and discounts mostly associated with online booking options. In addition, you also have the luxury to see the exact location of your seats and choose from amongst various available shows at different multiplexes, which is not a possibility with offline ticket booking.

Convenience’ is a major motivational factor for today’s young crowd. Thus, online ticket booking coupled with the fact that you can even order your food and beverage online along with the tickets makes up for the perfect movie plan.

Yet another noticeable thing about online booking is that, in spite of many cinema halls having their own websites, the ones to be doing brisk business are instead the ticket booking portals like, BookMyShow, BookTicketsNow, TicketNew, etc. The reason is simple enough, users have the convenience to choose from a variety of movies, multiplexes and show timings with food and beverage options of ‘course.

Having said that, both offline and online ticket booking has its share of pros and cons and it is for you to decide which one to choose.

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