Online Shopping – An Addiction for Today’s Youngsters

Online Shopping Addiction
Youth Addiction To Online Shopping

The presence of internet in our day-to-day life coupled with the recent rage of online shopping in today’s technology-driven world has particularly changed the shopping behavior and shopping trends of youngsters. Gone are the times when youngsters were ready to brave the scorching sun for window shopping or fight for a parking space to shop at their favourite brand stores. The gen-next is happier with the latest and convenient trend of online shopping.

Ever since the onset of online shopping offering unbelievable deals and discounts every now and then, the youngsters have become bigger shopaholics. In fact, they are ready to spend anywhere around 5k to 8k a month on buying clothes, footwear, bags, accessories, etc. “Online shopping seems to have become an addiction”, shares Srishty Marwah a student of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce.

Amit Upadhyay, yet another online shopaholic feels there is much to choose from online stores. Not to forget are the convenience features that online shops come with like Cash on Delivery (COD) and a 30-Day Return Policy. With the convenient option of COD offered by most brands, you can choose to pay for your stuff only after you have tried and tested the product. The biggest benefit of online shopping that most youngsters agree with is that, you don’t need to pester a salesman for showing you a variety of things as it is all available just a click away, so you can save on your time and energy.

Added to this, the introduction of convenient phone applications like Instagram has contributed in turning the youngsters into impulsive buyers and online shopping addicts. As Tanisha, a Business Management student from Bangalore shares, “All you need to do to place an order is to pick the stuff of your choice from Instagram and send a message on Whatsapp. So, you just pick, choose and order and you are done with your shopping within minutes as against the long hours of shopping we earlier had to bear with.

One of the most tempting reasons though that has made today’s youngsters addictive to online shopping is the availability of ready money. Since, most payments for purchases are made using credit cards instead of hard cash; it often creates an illusion of having spent only little money and keeps the temptation to spend more alive.

While online shopping is a great option for those who wish to save on their time and energy, it can be hazardous to one’s finances once it becomes an addiction. Studies indicate that even if the addict isn’t shopping, he is constantly thinking about it. Thus, it is extremely important that youngsters understand the thin line that binds them from becoming addicts of online shopping so that they keep the excitement of online shopping alive without allowing it to take a toll on their daily lives.

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